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Saturday, 14 April 2012

What are the characteristics of a good teacher??? =)

Teacher is someone who plays an important role in our lives. They give us good knowledge so that we could become successful in our respective lives. I believe that most of us have a good fortune of having at least one good teacher in our life. But, what are the characteristics of a good teacher? In my opinion, a good teacher is someone who has good personalities, skilful, and last but not least has a lot of good knowledge. 
            To begin with, a good teacher should always has good personalities. It is because students always get attracted to teachers with good personality such as friendly, enthusiastic, patient and kind. As far as I am concerned, the most important characteristic of a good teacher can have is to be friendly with their students. It is a plus point for a teacher, if his students can share their problems with him without being afraid or hesitant. I believe that if students always share their problems with teachers, their relationship will be closer. Furthermore, teachers who have friendly manner always can teach through the best ways and they can help students more. I have seen an example of this. One of my teachers who had a friendly manner with her students could help my classmate to discover her problems and lastly my classmate has been success in her study.
            Another important characteristic of a good teacher is his knowledge and own education. There is a saying that “A teacher is only as good as his knowledge is”. So, teachers must have good knowledge whether in their subject or other subject. They should master whether in theory, subject and curriculum in order to teach their students. If they themselves lacks in the knowledge of a certain subject that they teach, they are never going to make name for themselves as good teachers. Good teachers should study more about the lessons that they want to teach and know some ways to attract students on the lessons that sound boring. If a teacher knows some way to make students interested in lessons then studying will be fun for most students.
            Apart from knowledgeable, a good teacher should have their own skills. For example, good teacher should have good communication skill in order to teach their students. It is very important for a teacher to be a good communicator. It is because this characteristic will benefit a teacher in several ways. For example, if his communication skills are good, he can convey his lectures with better skill and results. Moreover, if a teacher is a good speaker, his class strength increases automatically. People love to hear a person who can speak well enough. 
            In a nutshell, a good teacher should be versatile. They must have the ability to attract their student with their good personalities such as be friendly to them. They also should have a lot of knowledge whether in curriculum or other knowledge. Lastly, good teacher should have a very good communication skill to attract their student to listen them during the lesson. So, I am very sure that if teachers have all these characteristics, they will be a good teacher to their students one day. 

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